Od 7. do 10. travnja, 2016. godine Varšava će biti domaćin Annual General Meeting-a (AGM-a), najveće studentske konferencije ove vrste u Europi. Ovaj događaj svake godine organizira Erasmus studentska mreža (ESN).
An Erasmus Student Network project aiming to improve the housing situation of international students.
ESN Osijek decided to move institutional education from formal to an informal environment.
Pink Shirt Day is an anti bullying day with an emphasis on peer bullying and its prevention.
Apply here for Croatian teams in basketball, volleyball, and futsal.
Two projects have been organized in January
If society is a damsel in distress, then volunteers are superheroes who are on call 24 hours a day.
Mobility is not only your RIGHT, but it’s a lifestyle that benefits you and the rest of European society. Find out #WhyErasmusPlus is going to change your life forever!
Dear Volunteers, Yes, you! All of you out there doing something extra. Something you don’t have to be doing. And doing it day and night in your free time. We’ve got something to tell you, but before we do that… All of you deserve a thank you.
Last weekend, biggest National Platform of ESN Croatia took place in the eastern most ESN section in Croatia - ESN Osijek
This weekend, 7th National Platform is being held in Osijek, Croatia.
ESN Dubrovnik traži osobu za stručno osposobljavanje za rad bez zasnivanja radnog odnosa
ESN Croatia is proud of ESN Rijeka for hosting such an important event for Erasmus Student Network in general.
Sajam svjetskog obrazovanja
The 2015 SocialErasmus Coordinators Meeting (SECM) is being held in the lovely Croatian capital of Zagreb from the 7th to the 11th of October.
Raising awareness about Europe's refugee crisis. See how you can help!
SocialErasmus Coordinators Meeting is coming to Zagreb!