The coronavirus has not yet said its last word. Quite the contrary. The situation with regard to new cases of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) is changing from day to day, so it is essential to be regularly informed and to take prompt action. 

But this does not mean that you can no longer travel! Here are a few recurring questions/answers that will surely help you:


Q: Can I go on Erasmus+ mobility in autumn / winter 2020 ? 

A: Yes, Erasmus+ mobility activities will continue in the second half of 2020. Mobility could be mixed between physical and virtual learning.


Q: Can I postpone my planned Erasmus+/ European Solidarity Corps mobility to a later date?

A: Check with your home institution/ supporting organisation, but in principle, the National Agency of your home institution/ supporting organisation will accept to prolong an Erasmus+ project.


Q: I was on Erasmus+ in another country, but my course was cancelled because the institution closed. I decided to stay in my destination country. Do I get to keep my grant? 

A : If you remain in destination country and you still have expenses linked to your stay in that country and you are taking part in a virtual learning activity, then yes, you can keep your grant.


Q: When the “force majeure” clause is being applied – can students resume their studies at the host institution later? 

A: In a broad and flexible framework, it is possible that students continue their studies in the host institution later, but this needs to be agreed between the student, the host and the home institution. The Commission will not impose any rules.


Q: If a mobility is interrupted due to COVID-19, will those months spent in Erasmus be counted as months spent abroad? (since there is a 12-month limit of mobility per academic cycle)

A: The “force majeure” concept can be applied, if needed in order to not have these months counted and therefore part of the maximum duration.


Q: What is the fastest way to ship parcels of belongings to my new home during a pandemic? 

A: If you need to ship parcels urgently to your new home, send them through our express service and have them delivered in as little as 24-72 hours, worldwide! Get a price to ship your belongings express, on our booking tool.


Q: Do I need a corona test?

A: It all depends on the area you are coming from: 

  • RED zone - Residents must spend 14 days in quarantine following entry into the country and present a negative covid test.
  • ORANGE zone - It is advisable to present a negative covid test.
  • GREEN zone - No restrictions. Follow the recommendations of the local authorities regarding hygiene measures, distance and wearing of the mask.


Q: Can you say anything about whether host universities can force students out of their accommodations? 

A: Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, in some dorms all students are being asked to leave the dormitories, while international students don’t have anywhere to go it is easier for domestic students to go back home. The specific cases would need to be assessed in order to make assumptions.


Q: What is the best way to have my furniture delivered directly to my new home within Europe? 

A: The most direct way to move your furniture and household belongings all at once is to book a van delivery for direct transport across Europe, with no stop-overs. This way, you do not need to share the space in the van for other deliveries, minimising the risk of infection from pick-up to delivery.


If you need to move a few boxes of belongings across Europe during a pandemic, or any time, the best way to do this is by booking our standard service. Simply select your pick-up and delivery destinations and the dimensions of your packages, to receive an instant price on our booking tool. 

And it's not over yet, here are some very useful tips that we would like to share with you: 

  1. Getting Organised - Find out about the health status of the different countries you are travelling through. Remember to print all your personal and administrative documents, you never know it could be useful!
  2. Protect yourself, Protect others! - Take masks and hydro-alcoholic gel!
  3. Means of transport - Don't forget to find out about the different means of transport. You'll need 
  4. to take out season tickets, rent a bike or even a car if you want to move easily.
  5. Travel - If you are going by plane, try to book your tickets a few months in advance, paying attention to which compagnies you choose and if the flight is still possible a few days before departure. Try to book on Tuesday night as this is the time when prices fluctuate the most. If you take the car, make sure you have done all the checks on your car.
  6. Too much stuff? - Don't overburden yourself with extra luggage, there is another option! If you need to move a few boxes of belongings across Europe during a pandemic, or any time, the best way to do this is by booking standard service.
  7. Forgotten things? - Your family or friends can always send them to you by parcel. With Eurosender, you can travel with peace of mind because you will receive them as long as possible. 

Eurosender can also arrange storage services when you are moving during a pandemic, or any time. Reach out to our experts and they will be happy to tailor a solution to suit your needs.

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