The city of love, the city of life, the place where people flock to drink some of the best wines and eat some of the tastiest cheese there is. And this year, the place where Erasmus students go to compete in International Erasmus Games.

Yes, you heard it right. Paris was the host of this year’s edition of International Erasmus Games. From 2 May to 5 May, international students competed in futsal, basketball, volleyball and athletics and got a chance to win medals and trophies and, of course, the eternal rights to brag about it.


Dream team lead by IEG coordinator of ESN Croatia - Željka Gligora

Croatian team was competing in three sports: futsal, basketball and volleyball, and not only did we have fun, but we scored 4th place in volleyball! 

The competition was fierce, and every country showed up to show their best game.

Germany won first place in futsal, Italy was the winner in basketball, Spain took the gold medal in volleyball and Belgium got their well-deserved first place in athletics.


That's us! Landing 4th in volleyball! <3

But we did not just compete.

On the first night, we got to experience international foods and drinks during International Dinner, and we met some new friends.


Everyone needs to have fun and be silly sometimes. So we did.


On the second night, we had a boat party where we saw the Eiffel tower from a different point of view, and we had our Responsible Party.

We had so much fun that we did not take any pictures ;)

And finally, on the last day we had a city tour, where our lovely hosts from Paris showed us around the city.



During this event, we competed, enjoyed Paris, made new friends and, most importantly, all 350 of us promoted healthy lifestyle by participating and showed what it really means to be UNITED IN DIVERSITY.



Written and proofread by Željka Gligora (International Erasmus Games Coordinator of ESN Croatia)