A country full of islands, athletes, mountains, fields, beauty, and of course - life. But you probably already know all these hashtags used on social media for tourists. But do you know what is the best part about Croatia?

The people.


Motivated, intelligent, goal-driven and open-minded people. People who happen to have these qualities made their way to Thessaloniki, Greece last weekend to represent ESN Croatia in front of other 800 ESN members from all over the world. The Croatian delegation consisted of 22 members from 6 sections. But this emotional introduction isn't just the usual babbling for the text to appear more sentimental.

This AGM was special for ESN Croatia.

Source: ESN Croatia

Tajana Mohnacki, a member of ESN since 2013, presented her candidacy for International Vice President of ESN. Since 2013 she has changed many different positions from Communication Manager at her local section ESN Osijek to being the Vice President and National Representative of ESN Croatia while engaging at international level as Press Team Coordinator for ComCom and National Boards Coordinator. Her and other three candidates presented their core ideas, values and abilities which they think would make them the best VP.

And guess what? She won!


Whether you need help with organising a small event for Erasmus students in your town, educating new members or coordinating international teams and doing quality HR for the network, Taja, as we like to call her, will always be there for you.

As I'm writing this a proud smile appears on my face. Growing up in the same small city as her, coming from the same section -  this is all the motivation you may need, for your work in ESN and maybe a little bit more.

To put it simply: This is ESN.


But that not all folks!

The cherry on top of that amazing day came in the evening at the starAWARDS ceremony where the best of the best are awarded. Among various categories, we brought two awards home. 1st place for employabilitySTAR  ( contributing to skills and employability of ESN volunteers and other students) with our national project ESN Youth Academy and one of our sections ESN Rijeka took 3rd place in category socialinclusionSTAR (most significant social inclusive activity) for their philanthropy action “Studenti za djecu grada koji teče” (“Students for the children of city which flows”).


Source: ESN Croatia


This AGM was the one for the history book for ESN Croatia.

It proved that even for a small country with big dreams, only the sky is the limit.



"Regardless on which part of the world, we live in the youth tilting at windmills. But while in a room with more than 800 young active citizens united despite their differences the future seems brighter. The world needs dreamer and doers and somehow in all of us those worlds have combined."