The past weekend (11th to 13th of January 2019) was reserved for the 3rd Local Boards Meeting of ESN Croatia which took place in Split.

After two LBMs of (mostly) discussing strengths and weaknesses of our network, this time the local boards along with the National Board decided to work more on the realization of ideas, rather than just brainstorming them.

Under the motto “New ideas - ON”, the president of ESN Croatia, Matea Kladarić, has opened the agenda with the question of stability of our network - what to improve, what to focus on and how to communicate better between the branches of our organisation. On top of that, we have discussed our new potential branches because our little ESN family seems to be getting bigger every day. :)

Day two was a bit more pumped up with discussions as we started the day with the ESN review where we went through some of the most important topics which will await us at the following AGM in Thessaloniki.


The most productive part of the agenda for Saturday, with the most feasible ideas, was surely the discussion about ESN Youth Academy. Although it is the last years initiative, it’s also proved to be a  great idea and an opportunity for students to transfer their skills and knowledge to other students as well!

I mean... isn't it why we are all part of ESN in the first place?


We’re also very proud of our National Training Sljeme 2018 which has been held for the third time in October of last year. Since it turned out to be a huge success, we plan to actively keep working on it and add more creative workshops for our newbies.


Sunday, as all Sundays are, was very chill and dedicated to the upcoming 30th birthday of ESN. Man, we’re old! We also did overall feedback of LBM and the conclusion that we all agreed upon was that we need to work more on our active citizenship and promote good work in our local communities.

Aaaaand, the best for last, we wrapped up the meeting with a very Split thing to do. A farewell coffee on sunny Riva Promenade! Well, at least those who didn’t have to rush to catch the bus. ;)



Napisala: Melani Grubić Mikulić (koordinator za odnose sa javnošću ESN-a Split)
Fotografija: Melani Grubić Mikulić ( koordinator  za  odnose   sa  javnošću ESN-a Split) i Vedrana Kovačić ( predstavnica za odnose sa javnošću ESN-a Hrvatska)
Dizajn i video: Vedrana Kovačić (predstavnica za odnose sa javnošću ESN-a Hrvatska)