ESN Croatia world through the eyes of Leonarda, a new member of ESN Rijeka!

During this gloomy period prior to midterms, the ESN Rijeka team headed to the 13th National Platform of ESN Croatia which took place in Split. As a new member, I did not know what to expect, especially since our dear ESNers from Split decided to set a very unusual theme: "GalaSTic ". (If you are wondering what it means, in short, it is a fashionable way of life.)

Though there was panic regarding the appropriate clothing choices, all the worries disappeared as soon as we passed the Sveti Rok tunnel and switched to #pomalo lifestyle. Our “mobility is a lifestyle” way of life needed to be satisfied, so we headed south and forgot all about the midterms.



On Friday, 9th November, the 13th national platform of ESN Croatia started. President Matea Kladarić held a striking speech on voting at the upcoming European elections -  #thistimeimvoting. As a young voter, I'm glad that the President has pointed out the importance of civic duties and that she has inspired us to rethink.

Also, the inspirational presentation of Ivana Filipović (ESN Split) on her Social Inclusion Leader's Meeting in Valencia inspired us all to be more active in our local area. We as students need start to make changes as a community and leave a positive impression in our cities. From the excellent coffee break pizza as well as interesting Yes-trips presentation about European trips we have settled in our buddy families - reflection groups. As a member of the "Bačvice" family, I have to commend our leader Matija from ESN  Osijek, who kept our little "la familia" together.

End of the day we marked with "CROdinner", excellent burek from Dubrovnik and traditional dances from all over our country. Shoutout goes out to Osijek and Dubrovnik, who were great at dancing in the Slavonian “kolo” and “linđo”  dance from Dubrovnik. A little tip for Zagreb is that for the next platform it would be better to find an alternative to the macarena dance <3.

After an amazing night, strong will and mind power helped us to wake up and start with the agenda at 9:00 sharp. After a short introduction, the presentations were followed by the National board work report and an announcement of the Požega candidacy for ESN, which will be realized at Rijeka on the 14th National platform in spring of 2019.

We discussed the promotion and quality of student mobility, suggested improvements for mobility as well as improvements in the entire Erasmus Student Network  Also, we had various informal education through workshops where we adopted new knowledge and skills. Among other things, ESN Split, aware of the excessive use of plastic, invited us to participate in mug exchange during coffee breaks.

Within the workshops, we were divided into educational groups with regard to the level of ESN knowledge. I would like to give compliments to Vice NR of ESN Croatia, Petra Kerep and Communication Manager of ESN Croatia Vedrana Kovačić, who approached the ESN structure and committee work in the best possible way. I have not seen the size and importance of the ESN until now and I am very impressed by the work of the National Board and how much work of our students go into our network, expecting nothing but pure satisfaction and good work of ESN Croatia.


During the info market, we got the chance to familiarize ourselves with the work of other sections. Apart from the fact that I was impressed by the size of certain sections, from bigger to smaller, it is important to say that every work is appreciated and I think that Erasmus and international students who come to Croatia are more than taken care of. After dinner and a power nap in our hostel, the party was set up for a gala night in the most beautiful city on the shore. Congratulations to ESN Split for organisingation and club Zenta for the excellent party on two floors where everyone's musical tastes were satisfied.

Sunday 11/11 Early in the morning with dark eye circles to the floor and a smile to the ear, the time has come for STARawards to be given to the best of the best. President of ESN Rijeka Ivana Medved presented the next NP which will be held in Rijeka and #galaSTic  will be replaced by a #RIvolution followed by a #MeMesteriozno platform theme.

After interesting discussions between the board and the rest of the members, the platform was closed as well as our official gathering in the classroom and corridors of the faculty of Split. I am glad that I attended this National platform because it gave me the motivation to continue my work in my section.  In addition to educational content, friendships were created that we will strive to maintain in our country among Erasmus students. Everything that's nice is short-term, so this hanging out at the platform.

„Adio Split“, and Rijeka, don't cry and let there be sunshine like this time at the next NP.


Napisala: Leonarda Vučić (aktivna volonterka ESN-a Rijeka)
Lektura: Matea Kladarić (predsjednica ESN-a Hrvatska)
Fotografija: Tanja Gušavac (aktivna volonterka ESN-a Split)
Video: Vedrana Kovačić (predstavnica za odnose sa javnošću ESN-a Hrvatska)