The National Platform of ESN Croatia is an event which happens twice a year - once per semester - and brings together representatives of all members of Erasmus Student Network Croatia. The 15th National Platform was held in Zadar from 8th to 10th of November 2019. It was a chance for all of the sections in Croatia to come together and share ideas and practices to go back and make our home sections even better!

National Platform made decisions on following matters:

  • changing Statutes and Standing Orders;
  • discussing about potential new sections (Čakovec);
  • elections for the President;
  • confirming budget and financial report.



Here is a little summary of how the National Platform went.

Shortly after arriving in Zadar, the National Platform started so we were introduced to the agenda, our hosts (ESN Zadar volunteers), and we got to know our fellow ESNers who had come from all over Croatia. We then spent some time learning about ESN itself, as it is a huge organisation with many different fields. It was amazing to find out that we are a member of such an amazing network, being one of over 500 sections all over Europe! After a long day of talks, we ended the evening socialising at CROdinner and having a karaoke night.



Following day focused on workshops about partnerships, communications, and event management. On top of that, people presented their presidential candidacies for incoming elections. It was a great way to learn from the members of the ESN Croatia’s National Board who all have many years of ESN experience.  At the end of the day, we had fun at the Responsible Party, whose purpose is to promote healthy behaviour and mindset even while we are having fun!



The final day of the National Platform started with interesting workshops, such as Lead ESN Section to be Your Family and Negotiation Game. After workshops, time for elections has finally come and by the results, Iva Ljubičić was voted for the new President. With this opportunity, we wish her the best of luck and a lot of success in leading ESN Croatia.


Many and special thanks to our hosts and all volunteers who put their effort into organising this event. Also, it was a pleasure to meet other ESNers from other sections and to spend time with them, truly we had A BLAST!



Written by: Mario Čosić (active member of ESN Rijeka)