There are seven people responsible for the Erasmus Student Network Croatia as a national organisation and each of them has a specific role. The National Board of ESN Croatia consists of seven board positions:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • National Representative
  • Project Manager
  • Treasurer
  • Education Officer
  • Communication Manager


The Board Support is exactly what the name says, a group of individuals who support the National Board in the means of promoting international projects of ESN, helping the specific Board Member or coordinating another team. It consists of following eight positions:

  • Financial Manager
  • Webmaster
  • Event Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Activity Manager
  • Vice-Communication Manager


After a period of transition and knowledge transfer, the new National Board officially takes on their duties on the 1st of July, so they are ready for the beginning of the new academic year. Their mandate ends on 30th of June and lasts for one year.


The number of board members:


National Board established:


Legal status:

non-governmental, non-profit organisation

Election time: