SocialErasmus (SE) is an international project of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) with the aim of involving international students, participating in university exchange, in to social and volunteering activities in their host country.

The project promotes a social attitude among international students and facilitates their social integration into the local community while exploring the added value that resides in the diversity in Europe. The project goes under the slogan:


  • to complete the stay abroad with the original values of the Erasmus Program
  • an opportunity to get to know new cultures and education systems
  • to make new unforgettable friendships
  • inspiration for a future life
  • to experience something new
  • to get a new perspective, beyond the cognitive abilities

What does SocialErasmus offer?

Student-beneficial aspects 

  • new ways for international students to expand their knowledge of other cultures and educational systems
  • enables Erasmus students to engage in society-beneficial activities
  • bring them closer to the local communities they live in
  • promotes a social attitude to international students
  • combining formal and informal education with intercultural experiences
  • the students enrich their curricula, gain experiences, knowledge, openness and love for Europe

Society-beneficial aspects 

  • International students meet their local community at eye-height
  • show that mobility does not only mean travelling or studying abroad
  • promote active engagement in local communities
  • International students contribute to the local community
  • foster a better cultural understanding
  • inspire local students to study abroad


SocialErasmus has three different pillars which the project focuses on: 

  • Charity: Social activities with a charitable purpose. 
  • Environment: Activities that promotes environmental thinking or serves an environmental purpose. 
  • Education: Educational activities that integrate international students with the society.





SocialErasmus project was implemented in Croatia in the beginning of the academic year 2012/2013 when first SocialErasmus activities were organized. In the beginning of the academic year 2013/2014 all sections of ESN Croatia implemented SocialErasmus activities and the position of National coordinator was established. National Agency for Mobility and EU programs recognized the value of this project and its sub-project Erasmus in Schools and it's cooperating with ESN Croatia since 2012 in the implementation and promotion of Erasmus in schools in all cities where ESN sections in Croatia function.


SocialErasmus Weeks

Two times per year, Europe is the domain of the SocialErasmus Week. It is a week of social engagement throughout the Network in which ESN-ers and Erasmus-ers want to say thanks to our local communities for their warm heartedness towards us.

  • If your spirit has always felt the urge to help and inspire others in need
  • if you are motivated to connect to one of the largest movements with a great social impact

then we welcome you to join our family and to become active during the SocialErasmus Weeks!

Social Erasmus Week 2013

The SocialErasmus Week 2013 was a great success. More than 13 SocialErasmus activities were organized in all 6 sections in in Croatia.

Social Erasmus Week 2014

From November 10th till November 16th, Europe was once again the centre stage of the SocialErasmus Week. We organised: more than 25  SocialErasmus activities involving all 6 sections.

By taking part, you helped fostering the core values of ESN. We would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude to the Coordinators for creating an undeniable and long lasting positive impact on the local communities that you have been intertwined with.

Erasmus in Schools

Erasmus in Schools (EiS) is the flagship project of ESN for 2013 and the main activity within the education pillar of SocialErasmus. The project aims to promote mobility at an early age. Project contains organised visits to elementary and secondary schools so that our exchange students can do a wide range of activities that include country and culture presentations, quizzes language sessions, and mobility promoting activities.

SocialErasmus National Event

'Create an Advent Calendar' is a 2014 National SocialErasmus project organised by ESN Croatia. Croatian Erasmus students and members of ESN Croatia participate in a creative workshop with children from orphanages or in kindergarten classes. They create a calendar with little presents and Christmas cards for the each day of advent.The goal of the project is to introduce the students to the smallest members of Croatia, so they can see the Croatia through their eyes. The children will get the chance to meet the exchange students, and to play with them. Every day during the advent they have an opportunity to open the calendar and have a little treat. The workshop brings plenty of fun for both sides.The workshop was held on 24.11.2014. in every local section in Croatia - Dubrovnik, Osijek, Rijeka, Split, Zadar, and Zagreb.


Croatia ESN Split           11/11/2014           Erasmus in Schools
Croatia ESN Split           11/12/2014           Give a smile
Croatia ESN Split           11/12/2014           Erasmus in Schools     
Croatia ESN Split           11/14/2014         Ride for your rights      
Croatia ESN Split            12/14/2014         institution for blind people       
Croatia ESN Split            11/15/2014         Date auction
Croatia ESN Split            11/16/2014         Happy thoughts             
Croatia ESN Rijeka         12/10/2014          "...i djeci s ljubavlju"   
Croatia ESN Zagreb        10/28/2014         Beware of the Masks
Croatia ESN Zagreb        11/10/2014         Building Bridges             
Croatia ESN Zagreb         11/11/2014         Human Library                      
Croatia ESN Zagreb         11/12/2014         Visit to the dog shelter
Croatia ESN Zagreb         11/13/2014         Time travel tandem and X-mas wraths
Croatia ESN Zagreb         ESN AGH Cracow  11/14/2014        My Erasmus Penfriend
Croatia ESN Zagreb         11/24/2014         National event: Create an Advent Calendar     
Croatia ESN Zagreb         11/21/2014         Erasmus in Schools              
Croatia ESN Zagreb         11/25/2014         Erasmus in Schools
Croatia ESN Zadar           11/12/2014         Making handprints with kids in Frogo centar
Croatia ESN Zadar           11/11/2014         Art workshop with kids in Frogo center
Croatia ESN Osijek          Aiesec Osijek, IAESTE    12/4/2014     Christmas Party
Croatia ESN Osijek          12/16/2014         Pre- Merry Christmas Workshop
Croatia ESN Zadar           11/13/2014         Erasmus in Schools
Croatia ESN Zadar           11/25/2014         Create an Advent Calendar with ESN Zadar
Croatia ESN Osijek          11/27/2014         Erasmus in Schools
Croatia ESN Osijek          11/10/2014         Dog Is a Man's Best Friend
Croatia ESN Osijek          11/14/2014         Dog Is a Man's Best Friend       
Croatia ESN Osijek          11/13/2014         Tell Me A Wish Workshop
Croatia ESN Osijek          11/12/2014         Mood Swings
Croatia ESN Osijek          11/13/2014         Happy Mood – Feeling Good  
Croatia ESN Osijek          11/14/2014         Colour as an ESN-er