Generation Maastricht: YO!Fest 2017 is a key highlight of “Europe Calling” – a year of events to mark the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Maastricht treaty. It will bring together over 3,000 young people to debate key topics on the future of Europe. The one-day festival will mobilise young people and youth organisations, locally and from across Europe, to raise up the voice of young people and #YouthUP Europe.

7th February 2017

Sphinxkwartier, Maastricht, the Netherlands

The festival is open to anyone from across Europe! Participation is free! We encourage you to organise a group and join the YO!Fest together!

You can easily register for the YO!Fest above (it’s easy and fast – takes less than 2 minutes!). Registration is individual (groups cannot register at the same time). You will receive your ticket in an email (or can download it straight from the registration platform). Please register before 29th January to be guaranteed a spot at the Festival.

How much?
The YO!Fest is FREE, as long as you register in advance and attend the festival during the day and participate in the activities organised by our partners.
Please note that an entry fee of 10 EUR will be asked if you join the festival after 5 pm on 7th February. 

What to expect?

6th February, 6 pm - 3 am
Welcome concerts at Muziekgieterij.

7th February, 10 am - 7 pm
Debates, workshops, leisure activities, cultural and artistic performances, and so much more at Sphinxwartier.

7-th February, 7 pm - 8th February, 5 am
Concerts, DJs and fun activities at Muziekgieterij, featuring the winners of Emerging Bands Contest (www.yofestebc.eu)

Full programme will be made available early January!

For a taste of YO!Fest, see our after-movie from the last event:

Visit the website: