We asked and oh, boy, did you deliver! We wanted you to post your most meaningful photos and stories all over the social media - in return we would award you with a free trip courtesy of Flixbus. The competition started under the hashtag #WhyErasmusInCroatia and it has a winner. Her name is Chiara Pesci and she is on Erasmus in the city with the most beautiful sunsets - Zadar! This is her story….

“Erasmus life is magic! I could never picture myself in Croatia, doing my Erasmus, before this September. I knew only that it was a place near the sea and I picked it from the list without a real reason. After a few months I really felt closer to Croatian people, their culture, their kind attitude, their “pomalo” philosophy and their tasty food - Burek one love!

I discovered a lot about the history of this place and the recent wars. I had the opportunity to talk with people that had been part of the wars and you could feel the history by only looking in their tired (but full of life) eyes. Everyone should know better the history of the Balkans, it’s so close! I am in love with the University of Zadar! It’s right in front of the sea in a historical building that’s connected to the city walls that are protected by the UNESCO.

The people that I met are from all over Europe and they brought me valuable memories and knowledge into my life. I really can not be happier about all of the amazing adventures and places I am visiting thanks to this European programme and my home university, that is giving a chance to our generation to discover new cultures and improve our skills.

Thanks to ESN Zadar for the support and for the new family abroad I can’t imagine a better thing. What are you waiting for? Europe is calling you!

- Chiara Pesci (Erasmus in Zadar 2017/2018)