As mobility does not only consist of traveling and studying abroad, ESN has been implementing SocialErasmus since 2010: a project that involves young citizens during their mobility experience through volunteering activities that take social action and foster change in the society.


Every year, more than 3000 social activities are organised by ESN volunteers all over Europe as part of the SocialErasmus project, engaging more than 20 000 international students.


On October 26th and October 30th Central Italy was hit by several earthquakes and Camerino is one of the most affected areas.

ESN AURE Camerino is, indeed, one of the smallest sections in Italy, with just 60 Erasmus students per year. The historical center of the town is in a bad situation and almost the totality of the buildings are condemned. As result, 3300 people were left homeless.


SocialEramus Croatia received an email for help from ESN Italy and during the 9th National platform of Erasmus Student Network Croatia, the SocialErasmus team organised a collection of clothes and necessities for ESN AURE Camerino, people in Camerino and surrounding neighborhood.


Fortunately, all members of our team were extremely passionate about SocialErasmus and strongly committed to the Erasmus Student Network, which was how this cooperation achieved its success. The best thing about ESN volunteers cooperating with other ESNers is that you are never alone. Together with help of all sections we collected 3 big boxes that we sent to those in need.


ESN AURE Camerino, along with the whole Camerino community, would like to thank you for the effort and for not leaving us alone: it's such a huge pride to have colleagues and friends like you!


Thank you very much for supporting Camerino!


We hope this story can be seen as an inspiration for future cooperation among ESN sections and countries. Whenever you have an idea or need a helping hand, it’s good to know you can contact anyone in the network for further inspiration and help. If you wish to make your donation, please contact