From May 4 till May 10 2015, Europe will once again be the domain of the SocialErasmus Week and ESN Croatia wants you to leave a mark! The aim of the project is to involve international students in social and volunteering activities in their host country. With our actions, we strive to connect the international students, participating ESN’ers and the less fortunate of the local communities involved. We are inviting you to join our family and become active during the SocialErasmus Week Spring 2015!

Our local sections prepared many events for you and we are going to make great social impact this week. Do you want to promote ecology and healthy lifestyle? Then join ESN Split on Saturday and ride bicycles to Marjan! If you want to see with your own eyes how the therapy with the horses looks like, help with the cleaning of the stable and meet and socialise with the horses on Thursday with ESN Zagreb. ESN Osijek prepared visit to the Retirement Home on Friday in order to make a real collection of wisdom after spending the afternoon with the golden-agers where you can play games, talk, and exchange knowledge with the oldest members of our community. And don't forget that animals need some caring, too. Join ESN Zadar on Friday and visit the Animal Shelter! These are just few events out of many waiting for you!

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