If you are coming to Croatia for you exchange period, then you are probably already aware of our countries numerous natural wonders, clear sea, tasty food and good wine, chill attitude and easy lifestyle. However, despite our “pomalo” and “laganini” way of life, which you are going to become accustomed to very soon, we are also very passionate about sports. We aren’t only dedicated fans - love for the game and the need for speed are mapped in our brains.

If you are going to Osijek, the cleanest & greenest city in Croatia, ESN Osijek will take you on a bike trip to Kopački Rit, or Europe’s Amazon, a zoological preserve under UNESCO. The drive lasts approximately 30 minutes and, once you reach your destination, you can enjoy the nature. Section members will take care of your bikes, so all you need to bring is a sporty attitude and a bottle of water.



Do you know ESN Zagreb often organises sports weeks? If you are coming to our lively Capital, prepare yourself for a full week of your favourite or I-have-never-tried-that-but-always-wanted-to sport activities such as muay thai, parkour, bubble football, pound fit, free climbing and much, much more! So, you think you can dance? During the entire semester, the section organises various dance classes, like Salsa. Additionally, they will take you to see a live game at the stadium or organise a gathering in a bar with the purpose of watching the game and learning how to cheer for your favourite team, Croatian way.

Motto of ESN Rijeka is work hard and eat clean, and while they will steer you in the direction of the best burek place in town, they will also steer you in the direction of their cage-ball tournament on two fields and a double elimination principle. There’s no way you will leave Rijeka without breaking some serious sweat at least once!

You probably already know that Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world - you can say hello to it by going for a yoga session with other international students and section members by the “Greetings to the Sun”. What’s better than a good morning stretch by the Adriatic sea? The section also organises Salsa dance classes and volleyball games, so take your pick.

Split, a city full of history and, thanks to ESN Split, a city full of life! International students can enjoy football and join the University’s student sport & activity day where they can compete in various disciplines such as basketball and table tennis alongside fellow international students and section members. The section has also organised “Erasmus Run for Charity” - international students pay a fee to compete in a race and the money collected goes to charity purpose.

Dubrovnik requires no introduction! Among many glorious things this city has to offer, ESN Dubrovnik will make you compete in Adriatic Games - a series of games on or in water, such as rowing or water polo!

Additionally, we will participate in International Erasmus Games 2018 in Niš where international students from all over Croatia will form a team in order to compete with teams from other European countries in various disciplines.

In case you weren’t a sporty type before your exchange, you are going to become one during it, so bring your gym clothes!

Written and proofread by: Tajana Mohnacki (national representative - ESN Croatia)