Well, well, well…it is that time of the year again!

The day we celebrate women! Strong, powerful, small, big, short, tall, women of all races and places from all around the globe! Happy 8th of March, the day that we have been celebrating as the International Women's Day since 1908. We all know about different facts stating that women are underrated, not paid enough…and don’t get us wrong, they are and these issues should be highlighted, however, we would like to share how the scale is tipped in ESN Croatia and its local sections!

We have exactly 201 proud members in ESN Croatia and women count for 138, which is slightly over 68%!!! Isn’t that amazing?? To paint an even clearer picture, let us tell you even more: women are a majority in Local Boards of our local sections!! We are proud to say all the current local presidents are women! #girlpower

And let’s not forget our National Board and Board Support. Out of 6 members of NB – 5 are women, and yes, you guessed correctly, the national president is also a woman. And the last, but not the least, in our national Board Support we have 3 amazing women doing a great job.

So, to round it all up, thanks to all this amazing, smart, bright and creative leadership, ESN Croatia is doing better every single day and continues to provide an amazing Erasmus experience to incoming students!

A round of applause for our ladies (and gentlemen), because they DO deserve it. Happy International Women’s Day to all of you amazing ladies out there :D

Written by: Željka Gligora (member of CROmCom - the national media team)
Design: Ana Barbir (member of CROmCom - the national media team)