On December, 4th Italian citizens will vote for the constitutional referendum on the Boschi bill. Italian citizens who for work, study or medical care reasons are temporarily abroad for a period of at least three months, and are not registered with AIRE, will receive a card to their foreign address and be able to participate in the vote by correspondence.  

The referendum will be confirmatory, so by voting YES, you will give a vote in favor of the reform, while voting NO, you will manifest your opposition to it. Like all constitutional referendums, there will be no quorum to reach for it to be valid. If you are an italian exchange student who wishes to participate in the vote abroad, you need to communicate your will to vote by November, 2nd to your city of residence by submitting the appropriate form accompanied by all the necessary documents. Here you can find the form that must be sent by mail, fax, e-mail. The module written on plain paper and accompanied by a valid ID copy of the voter has to contain in all cases the foreign postal address to which the ballot papers should be sent, indicating the appropriate Consular Office for territory and a statement certifying that they meet the requirements for admission to a vote by correspondence. You will receive the parcels in two weeks containing the voting paper, the ballot and two envelopes, a small one completely white and a larger one stamped with the competent consular office address. To vote you can only use black or blue ink. After you vote YES or NO, insert the ballot in the all-white small bag and close it. Then insert the white envelope in the stamped envelope with the consular office address. You must also insert the  ballot's coupon and mail it to the consulate without writing who's the sender.