MEeting, organised by our National Mov’in Europe coordinator Iva Jurjev, lasted for three days, and eleven ESNers took part in it. It was held in the city of Šibenik, where the lectures were held as well as Mov’in Europe activities, and on the Zlarin island, where we had our accommodation and held the workshops.


During the first day lectures were held, in which the National Coordinator explained everything about the project. The topics were: ME on Galaxy, how to organize ME activity, how to become an ambassador, how to register an event, what is visual identity manual and many more. Also, there were workshops provided: creating an Activity Guide and semester planning. The guide is a very useful tool because everything is in one place, and, moreover, it can inspire you and help you with the organization of an event. After all we did before that, coordinators were able to make a semester plan for ME activities. The last day was reserved for relaxing and discussing about the project. It was a great opportunity to talk as friends who volunteer together and work on the same project to help our local community to become a better one.