☼ ☼ ☼ Time for a change? Time for a thrill? Time for the party of the year? Then it is time for the Croatian Erasmus Event! This time we are going for something epic, outside of the box; something to show you how much we’ve loved the time you spent here with us! ☼ ☼ ☼


CEE – Croatian Erasmus Event is a national event organized by ESN Croatia. The goal of this national event is to gather all of the exchange students currently studying in or doing an internship in Croatia, in one place, to thank them for a beautiful experience and give them the opportunity to have the time of their lives.

This year, the event will take place on the Island of Pag, in the Camp Šimuni, the hidden gem of the Adriatic - between the 14th and 17th of May. Four days of sunshine, sea, beach, parties, new friendships, good atmosphere, and pure FUN!!! What more could you wish for?

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You will also soon be able to apply on the same page!


Join us on this amazing adventure, take some time off before the final exams and have the time of your life! You will make your life richer, your mind brighter, and your spirit lifted into the sky!

Take what is there, you may not have a chance later!

Your ESN Croatia team! :)