The 9th National Platform of ESN Croatia was held in Rijeka. We spent three amazing days learning, motivating and inspiring each other, sharing ideas and best practices, and planning new exciting things for the rest of the academic year.

We would like to thank EurosenderCroatian Youth Network and Pernod Ricard for accepting our invitation for this NP and sharing their services and knowledge with us. We were happy to host international guests, and we want to thank Bojana Zimonjić for chairing our platform, and Nives Tomaš and Michael Dalton as members of the international teams of ExchangeAbility and SocialErasmus for their contribution and giving advice about implementation of the ESN projects and for being a constant support to our National Coordinators.

Since the National platform was held at the same time as the ExchangeAbility Week, as a way to take part in it as an ESN country, to raise awareness and to mark the International Day of persons with disabilities, more than 70 participants - including the OC, volunteers and our partners who attended the event - took part in the activity Lunch in the Dark. This activity also gave us an opportunity to strengthen our network in the way that the ESNers who had the blindfolds on had to rely on and trust the ones who guided them to sit down and brought them lunch. Although ESNers most of the time organise similar activities for Erasmus students in purpose of raising awareness and giving them an opportunity to be in disabled person’s skin in order to (try to) understand the daily life, we took this opportunity to try to walk in their shoes for a while, and we also had an opportunity to introduce our partners to one of the ESN projects.

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