After Dubrovnik we came to Zagreb for three motivational days of learning, meeting new members and planning exciting events for the following year.

The President of ENS Croatia - Petra Lang has opened the platform at the Faculty of Architecture and Mag. iur Ida Ogulinac form the International Relations Office of the University of Zagreb talked about the importance of what ESN does as well as their support to one of their local associations, ESN Zagreb.

After those welcoming words, the National Board had presented their work up until now. The final report of the Croatian Erasmus Event and HomeInZagreb, one of the conference partners, was presented as well. The National Platform hosted 3 international guests from Nicossia (Cyprus), Olomuc (Czech Republic) and Brno (Czech Republic) who exchanged their best practices with the participants. Among other partners and supporters were - Cockta, Slastičarnica Zagreb, Studentski Centar, Chill Out hostel and Turistička zajednica grada Zagreba.

On the second day of the platform the work of our local associations -  Dubrovnik, Osijek, Rijeka, Split, Zadar Zagreb - has been presented after which the participants were encouraged to ask questions and discover even more about their work during the Infomarket afterwards. The work of the Board Support  positions has been presented as well as the upcoming Social Inclusion Days that are happening all over Europe from 27. 10 - 10.12.

Participants had a chance to attend workshops where they found out more about their colleagues on the same positions, how to apply for grants, team leadership, how to include their volunteering experience in a CV, communication skills, the value of international students in a local community, etc.

The very last day of the conference consisted of future plans as well as current events but, most importantly, there was an award ceremony where ESN Split took home the award "Section in the Spotlight". The conference was closed by our President after the members received Certificates of Competence for the informal education and training they got during the conference and headed back home.