Mov'in Europe - "Mobility is a Lifestyle"

Through the help of Mov'in Europe Ambassadors, we want to encourage young people all around Europe to take the first step towards a more mobile future. Through our online campaigns and Mov'in Europe events around Europe, we want to motivate people to explore different kinds of mobility opportunities. 

Why Mobility ?

  • Thanks to the new Erasmus+ programme, the new EU programme for youth, training, education and sport that will allow 5 million EU citizens to be mobile from 2014 to 2020.
  • Long-time, short-time, working, training, studying, volunteering
  • Everyone can and should benefit from these opportunities
  • The mobility opportunities for young people in Europe have never been so diverse and open

Why Mov’in Europe?

Because mobility is a lifestyle. We, as ESN volunteers and international students, are experiencing this lifestyle. Our mission is to share it, spread it, to fully play our ambassadors' role, to make mobility opportunities more accessible, clearer and break all the barriers and obstacles to mobility, especially for young people.

We believe, and this still shown by diverse studies, young people still don’t have the right information:

  • About the opportunities themselves (the Erasmus programme casting a large shadow over other opportunities)
  • How to access them (conditions, administrative process, available help)
  • What are the different benefits of the different opportunities (easily accessible? Skills development? Strong support? Language skills?)

As shown by research (e.g. ESN projects such as the ESN Survey and PRIME), there are still strong barriers to mobility:Academic barriers, family barriers, financial barriers, psychological barriers and social barriers.

Mov’in Europe is our solution to the aforementioned needs! Motivating, explaining, and making opportunities clearer to young people through our ambassadors and experiences

Why us?

  • Because we are the biggest European student association and most of us have been mobile students
  • We have the experience and knowledge of real-life mobility
  • We can talk about it in a different way than institutions do
  • We can share emotions, challenges, fears, prides, successes, how we overcame the fears and obstacles, what we have gained in the way