The International Erasmus Games - IEG are an international event that gathers Erasmus students all over Europe and it started with the positive spirit of ESN Italy and ESN Poland in 2014. This event focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle and good sportsmanship.

This year the Erasmus Games are on their way to Paris from May 2nd to May 5th

Every year, after national qualifications, young people from all around Europe come to the final competition, the International Erasmus Games, to try their luck and bring the victory to their home or Erasmus country. The event counts a great number of participants, which can count up to several hundred and we expect nothing less this time around! 

International Erasmus Games include 4 main sports disciplines: FUTSAL, BASKETBALL, VOLLEYBALL and ATHLETICS.


Official International Erasmus Games Paris 2019 event

Reasons to join:

  • more than 20 European countries participating

  • more than 300 Erasmus students in one place for 4 days

  • playing against other Erasmus students and a chance to win it all

  • a chance to explore French culture

  • and do we even have to say this...well, ok - PARIS!


How to join?

The goal is to have a delegation which consists of 20 students and will represent Croatia in Paris.

For any questions about the process and participation fee ask in your local ESN section or contact ESN Croatia Facebook page. Or contact our National IEG Coordinator, Željka Gligora at

Check out last years video from IEG 2018 in Niš, Serbia

May the best team - win!