Every year, ESN launches a survey that explores the current issues connected to academic and non-academic mobility. This is one of the biggest and most successful projects of ESN - in the last years more than 80.000 students responded to our online surveys. Many associations - student, teacher, academic, European, as well as various institutions collaborated with us in the project. Through the gathered opinions of students, ESN gets a better insight in to the issues and is able to represent the students' real needs.

ESN passes the results to the main stakeholders in higher education and mobility programmes: European Commission, National Agencies of Erasmus Programme, higher education institutions and all associations concerned with the topic. We believe that our work fosters mobility and improves the quality of exchange for young people in Europe and beyond.

The ESNSurvey 2014 is titled “International Experience and Language Learning”. The focus of this year’s edition is to investigate the attitudes of mobile and non-mobile students towards language learning and to show how international experiences help fostering the interest in learning different languages. Since the Erasmus programme is not the only opportunity that provides this international experience, we have also analysed the full degree mobility and its associated obstacles, among other topics. (“ESNSurvey 2014: International Experience and Language Learning”, article for the eXpress magazine by - Jaume Alonso i Fernández, Jesús Escrivá Muñoz).

We invite all students who have been on exchange abroad, have been on a traineeship abroad or are conducting full-degree studies abroad to fill in ESNSurvey when it's up for filling in (normally end of the year). All answers will remain anonymous. The results will be used for internal and scientific purposes; no answer will ever be traced back to you personally.

Key findings of ESNSurvey by year:

More info about ESNSurvey you can find here.