Our journey began in 2012 when we were accepted as a member section of ESN Croatia at the National Platform in Zadar, followed by receiving the official certificate of membership at AGM Maribor 2013. 

Currently, the section counts around 40 members. Every candidate member has to fill in an Application Form which the Human Resources team later reviews and calls candidates back for an interview. After new members have been accepted, they experience a team building event called Integration Day where they learn about how ESN is structured, from the local to the national and international levels and where they can choose their team.

Our section has 9 teams: Mov'in Europe, Social Inclusion, ICE, Sport, Party, Travel, Partnership, PR, and HR team. Our Local Board is divided into two parts: Presidency, which consists of the President, Vice-President and the Secretary, and Local Managers – PR and HR Manager.

Local Board 2018./19.:

President – Mario Batinović

Vice-President – Ivona Brtan

PR Manager – Melani Grubić Mikulić

HR Manager – Helena Kačić-Bartulović

Coordinators 2018./19.:

Partnership – Filip Duvnjak

Sport – Stipo Jurišić

Travel – Josip Radić

SocialInclusion – Ivana Filipović


Each semester we organize many creative events and they are always packed. Our section loves implementing ESN projects in events, so we usually make cooperation between teams to make them even more interesting! For example, we organized Pub Crawl with ExchangeAbility activities – 4 teams, 4 bars, 4 games and 4 blindfolded captains… Doesn’t that sound so interesting? We always tend to find different ways of promoting each project and sometimes our solutions seem a bit quirky, but they are just genius.

This year we successfully organized Social Inclusion Week and many Mov’in Europe events, Parties, Cultural and educational events, Sports event etc.

We are very proud of 3 funded projects we had throughout the last years and that’s also how we fund our section and all the activities. As for our partners, the University of Split and International Relations Office are direct partners of ESN Split providing financial and other kinds of support. Also we have a lot of partners that help us with our events such as Klub mladih Split, Zenta club, Info zona etc.

Work of ESN Split was also recognized on the International level so we won many awards such as Section in the Spotlight award by ESN International (Network Committee), careerSTAR and SeCoSTARon AGM Costa Brava together with ESN Zagreb etc. Our members are always present at national and international events, and we hope to serve as the Organising Committee of an international event in the near future.

We take pride in how close we are to our Erasmus students – they are our best friends, our family!

To conclude the story… there’s only one way to describe our sections current situation – we may be #pomalo but we are going places!


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