ESNbuddy - "Students helping students."

ESNbuddy is a project that aims to assign an incoming Erasmus students with an "ESNbuddy" who is a local student willing to help an exchange student to get up on their feet in their first weeks in a new country. 

Are you an exchange student coming to Croatia?

Did you know that ESN started as one big ESNbuddy programme? We wanted to help a foreign student with their first steps in our hometowns. ESN is the first contact point for you and a trusted organisation by the universities. You will get a chance to have someone that will help you with accommodation, inside out tour of your Croatian city, introduce you to all the best places to see and be at, all the activities that your local ESN section organises as well as understand the local culture. In return, you will get a friend for a life. Croatia is a small country but the local culture is very diverse so it is very helpful to have an ESNbuddy to show you all the magic that Croatia has to offer.


How to get a buddy? Pretty easy! By contacting your local ESN section!


Are you a local student in Croatia?

Want to meet some international students and help them with their first steps in the world? Contact your local ESN section!