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ESN Dubrovnik



ESN Dubrovnik was founded in 2012 by several students who returned from a student exchange to Dubrovnik. With the intention of encouraging the rest of the local students and attracting foreign students to the Erasmus program, they founded an association that today has 30 members.


The current Local Board consists of President Nora Di Leo, Vice-President Stipe Biočić, and Treasurer Valentina Roso. The teams that make up ESN Dubrovnik are the PR Team, the Buddy Team, the Event Team and the Social Inclusion Team.



The last awards that ESN Dubrovnik received were InnovationSTAR for the activity Language Caffe and TravelSTAR for Trip to Sarajevo.


In recent years, it has been operating as a part of the University of Dubrovnik, while in the last year it has expanded to other faculties in Dubrovnik. Close cooperation with the Youth Center as well as with Unidu Radio is getting stronger every year. The emphasis on ESN Dubrovnik’s activities is on project management, which boasts projects such as Future without Borders and Uniactive, as well as many partnerships, of which the DIVE project can be highlighted.


The main mission of ESN Dubrovnik is to make every international student feel at home!


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