After returning from their Erasmus exchange, few students brought the experience and enthusiasm back to Dubrovnik. Even though Dubrovnik was known as a student city, just two years ago it counted barely 20 exchange students. But that surely changed after founding ESN Dubrovnik in October, 2012. Started from nothing, this persistent group of 5 members made ESN the most promising student association in the city, a network everyone knew about: Belinda Bošnjak - president, Marta Vukadin - vicepresident, Mario Previšić - treasurer, Marko Žmirak and Maroje Burić - active members. The number of exchange students started to grow each semester, as well as the section itself. Different kind of ambitious students were contstantly applying and entering the assocciation, each one of them with some new idea, new motivation and new desire. 

Insistent and hard work was recognized by other sections which led to the following; two of our members became a part of National board. More precisely, Belinda Bošnjak became the National president of ESN Croatia, Marko Žmirak project manager of ESN Croatia in academic year 2013/2014.

ESN Dubrovnik was getting better and better... Weekend excursions, for both domestic and exchange students, became trademark of the section, as well as thematic parties, social events, tandem nights.

Event that raised ESN Dubrovnik to a whole new level was organising IV. National platform of ESN Croatia, in May 2014. Organised at highly professional level, promoted and implemented as successful as imagined, sure showed that this organisation is with reason declared as quality, persistent and ambitious assocciation that started from the bottom and headind straight to the top.

Articles and reports in newspapers, TV and radio shows dedicated to ESN, local praises, became something ESN Dubrovnik got used to. The section goes extra mile by exposing its first initial project, „Activ8“, which was huge success. And guess what, this section is not planning to stop.    


President: Belinda Bošnjak   
Vicepresident: Marta Vukadin
Treasurer: Mario Previšić


President: Belinda Bošnjak
Treasurer: Marko Žmirak         


President: Toni Šimunović    
Vicepresident: Barbara Lakić
Treasurer: Marko Žmirak

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Office: University of Dubrovnik

Lapadska obala 7, room E-22

HR-20000 Dubrovnik