Imagining different stories about the world coming to an end was never closer to an actual realisation than now. As we all know, and probably are tired of hearing, in the past few months our lives changed drastically. Usual socialisation took another shape in the virtual world trying to compensate for the lack of real eye-to-eye contact. But what can we do? Now would be the right moment to say a famous and irritating phrase – just go with the flow. And that is what we did! Although it seemed kind of impossible, this May our National Platform CROnline 2020 took place in virtual reality.


I didn't know what to expect, as I was just a newbie and that was my first ever ESN National Platform, but I was very interested in having an experience in which other active members hype us up from the bottom of their hearts. I felt togetherness and ''just go with the flow'' vibe as this National Platform was the first to happen in virtual space via Zoom.



With the agenda time table and coffee beside my screen, I joined ''the meeting''. I have to be honest, at first, it was a bit overwhelming knowing how many people joined the Platform. Plus, there was a lot of new information about the ESN structure and protocols, but the great organisation from the Chairing Team and members of the National Board played a big part and made the whole day fine and sleek. After the welcome speech, the introduction of the agenda, board updates, etc., it was time for presentations of candidates for National Board members. It was great seeing the enthusiasm, courage, and strong will that every candidate put in their presentation. Creative potential and nurture for the impacts every person can have on society is truly the key ESN mission I felt in that moment.


Following up with the couple of workshops the community of ESNers split up in different virtual rooms trying to improve their teamwork, get to know how the brain can be exercised, and learned more about being leaders of the teams. I learned the importance of sharing stories and experiences as a way to motivate, but also educate others by coming into a conclusion of the benefits peer-to-peer knowledge in ESN has to offer. Vice President, Treasurer, Education Officer, and Communication Manager being elected and awards for the contribution in the ESN community handed to the winners meant the National Platform CROnline came to an end.


I joined the platform open for gaining new knowledge about ESN and its members, kind of thinking these virtual surroundings would give me a safer place to absorb the atmosphere of the ESN community, and that is what happened. It was a new experience, a lot of information, and motivational energy to breathe in. There was a vivid sign of fresh new air filled with spirits of young people and their creative devotion towards making the ESN community even better. That was the exact reason why I joined ESN and I'm grateful for experiencing it even in the virtual reality circumstances.



Written by: Tina Perić (active member of ESN Rijeka)