Time for a change? Time for a thrill? Time for the event of the year? Welcome to Croatian Erasmus Event! Enjoy something epic, outside of the box; something that will keep your memories of Croatia alive forever! Put the Olympic wreath on your Erasmus experience!

Croatian Erasmus Event (CEE) is the National event organized by ESN Croatia. The goal of this event is to gather all the exchange students in Croatia in one place to thank them for choosing Croatia for their Erasmus destination. We believe that mobility expands our horizons and armors incoming students with a new sense of purpose, a feeling ignited by a hunger for achievement with which they enrich our communities and help us grow. CEE is our way to show exchange students in Croatia how much we love our time together!



Croatian Erasmus Event 2017 - Olympics - AFTERMOVIE


Croatian Erasmus Event 2017 - Olympics - teaser #1



Croatian Erasmus Event 2017 - Olympics - teaser #2