1. "Erasmus is a new way of living which makes you better, stronger and ready for challenges in your future."

Luca - Erasmus in Split

2. "It's kind of hard to write something new - when everybody is shouting "Yeeeeah, Erasmus! Great! New people! New places! Alcohol", and all of that is obviously true, so how to say something new?

It's so addictive! I can't say my life has been stable in any way before coming here, but now all I do is search for programmes to go somewhere next year too! I can't imagine going back to the normal, everyday life. Erasmus gave me a huge kick to keep moving (and use every possibility to do something out of the box). And maybe one advice - do not choose obvious places, it really pays off to go somewhere no-one has gone."

Katarzyna - Erasmus in Osijek

3. "I was in the same situation half a year ago. I was thinking that I really wanted to be in touch with another culture, but it was a bit scary for me. I had no idea what I should expect. I was a bit nervous, because before my Erasmus I had spent almost four months in the USA. I thought that six more months would be too much for me. But honestly, I can say that I was wrong. I am really happy that I had an opportunity to spend some months in such an amazing place called Croatia – the paradise land. What is the best thing about Croatia? I was living in Zadar, Dalmatia region. It is the region where the sun is shining every day and you can see the best sunrise in the world! I thought that there is no winter, just summer. Really! You can swim in the sea at the end of October. You can pick tangerines from the trees and eat them. And do other amazing things!  Every day you can upload beautiful pictures of you and your friends travelling around the world on social media and make your friends jealous (kidding, actually that is a good way of making your friends want to go on Erasmus). Also I knew that I could improve my English skills and learn a new language (Croatian) which would be really useful for my future. So I decided to go to Zadar!

Ok, I made the first step, I was accepted and... I still was not sure if I would really go. Of course there are always some reasons against it. Probably you do not want to travel alone. But the most important thing that keeps you where you are is just one word...home. Everybody has people around themselves, who are important enough that it makes everybody not want to leave them. However, sometimes you should think about your future, especially in these times when young educated people are having a hard time finding a job. You have to make the most of your time at the University and try to use all the opportunities offered, including Erasmus. To gain new knowledges, improve your language skills, meet new people, have new experiences, visit beautiful places and become a better, more mature, self-sustained person once you have come back home. Stand out of the crowd! Everybody who really cares about you will encourage you.

I finally came to Zadar. I met some really nice people; I fell in love with everything. I loved the climate, the nature, the sea, and the sunrise. Everything was really cool. I have no words to describe how amazing everything was there. Talking about the university, however, the studies were not so easy. Everybody thinks that Erasmus people just party and do not study. So I can say that it is a stereotype. I was studying really hard; actually I had never studied harder. I really liked the system, because professors gave you some readings that you should do in advance and then discuss, ask some questions. Also, you can compare your Erasmus country with your home country. But I think the most important are your friends here. I can say that I became really good friends with a couple of Croatian girls. They showed me the best side of the Croatian culture and I am really happy that I had them. I believe that we will stay in touch and meet each other somewhere in the world.

Well, I can say, if you are still not sure whether or not you should go on Erasmus - I say do not think. Just go! It will be the best experience of your life and you will never forget it. Enjoy your student life – you will not regret it."

Donata - Erasmus in Zadar

4. "To make a decision to go away for a year is not an easy thing to do. I have spent the last two years thinking about taking a chance and experiencing Erasmus. I really needed to go away, to try a different way of life. I am spending my Erasmus in Zadar, a beautiful city in Croatia and it is really amazing. I have seen and am still discovering places so beautiful I never could have even imagined. The life here is so nice, the sun is always shining (okay, sometimes it rains, but really rarely). I have no words to describe how amazing everything is here! I could swim until the end of October (even if I felt sick it was amazing).  I could never imagine that I could travel so much! For example, I visited a friend spending her Erasmus in Hungary and we went to Budapest and Prague together.

So, you think living far away from your family and your friends is difficult? Actually, living without my mother is not so bad (I am a bad daughter). Living alone (or with a roommate) makes you grow up - you need to cook, clean, start washing machine, clean again... but you are truly independent. Of course, your friends miss you, sometimes you can have moments of being homesick, but it is nothing compared to all the good moments you can have! It is something you cannot experience twice in your life. You really need to make the best of every moment you spend on Erasmus!

Erasmus is not only about discovering a new country; you discover a new culture, new people, a different way of thinking, and of course you improve your English! I am the only French here, so I do not have a choice but to speak English.

Are you afraid of being alone? You are never alone on Erasmus, because there are so many activities organized: I went to a kindergarten and took part in some other SocialErasmus activities with the children and it was so amazing! (I want to be a teacher and to see another way of teaching is really useful). And ESN organizes many parties and events! Also, there is the buddy system: one student takes care of you, helps you in the beginning if you are lost with all the papers and all the other stuff you need.

But the most important thing is to BE YOURSELF, do not try to be someone else just to make people like you.

And about studies? You think that all Erasmus people just party, party and party more? It is not true! Studies here are really not easy; you need to study a lot. I have some kind of meetings with teachers because I am not able to take courses in Croatian, and every time professors give me lectures to read and study.

In the end, I can just say: Try this experience! It is really amazing and you will never forget it."

Anne Sophie - Erasmus in Zadar

5. "Mobility is a lifestyle! Once you try it - you can never stop. Cause it's meaningful and unforgetable!"

Lina - Eramus in Split

6. "Open-minded, friendly, brave. Who you become on Erasmus is who you stay for the rest of your life."

Filip - Erasmus in Split

7. "I had the time of my life here. Now I know that applying for Erasmus was a great decision."

Asia - Erasmus in Split

8. "Erasmus (n.): a semester or year spent abroad during which you actually discover the true meaning of life - love, share and learn."

Stephanie - Erasmus in Split

9. "Time in your life when you can get people to do just about anything using the quote 'C'mon, it's Erasmus!'"

Ida - Erasmus in Split

10. "Erasmus is joy, madness and tears. It is meeting new people on day one and feeling like you've known them for years just on day two. Erasmus is being able to express your thoughts in another language and taking your time to listen to the others even when 'that's not really the word I was looking for'. Erasmus is a way of being."

Sara - Erasmus in Split

11. "It is insane, you make your own family and discover yourself. A year you will never forget!"

Paula - Erasmus in Split

12. "John Lennon sang 'Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do'.. Well, Erasmus makes you realize this is possible! You meet people from everywhere and you just want to enjoy your unforgettable experience with them and love each of them!"

Lessia - Erasmus in Split

1. "What you can learn on Erasmus, you cannot learn from any book in the world."

Iva - Erasmus in Austria

2. "Life on the Atlantic Ocean can be just a dream, but also reality!"

Mario - Erasmus in Spain

3. "Aside from being just a studying and internship experience, living abroad means a lot more. For me it is a way of looking at the world with new eyes, discovering new emotions and learning things that are not written in books."

Josip - Erasmus in Portugal

4. "Erasmus is a time between dreams and reality. It is an awakening; discovering the world, meeting wonderful people and finding yourself. It opens your eyes."

Mia - Erasmus in Spain

5. “Erasmus is just a word and you are the only who understands its definition. It is an opportunity to accept yourself for who you are. One thing is for sure - after Erasmus you become a better person for yourself and for people around you."

Dragana - Erasmus in Portugal

6. "For me, Erasmus was something like looking at the Earth from outer space. At some point you realize how small you are, but at the same time far from irrelevant. You are infinite and the journey to this infinity is exclusively your creation."

Mariela - Erasmus in Austria

7. "From my point of view, Erasmus was a huge challenge which taught me a lot about myself. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of different people and explore this whole new culture with them. It is all about making friends, without any boundaries, and making memories for your life time."

Nikolina - Erasmus in Portugal

8. "Erasmus is more than a word, and in your book of life it takes up more than a page."

Dragana - Erasmus in Portugal