1. "Erasmus is a new way of living which makes you better, stronger and ready for challenges in your future."

Luca - Erasmus in Split

2. "It's kind of hard to write something new - when everybody is shouting "Yeeeeah, Erasmus! Great! New people! New places! Alcohol", and all of that is obviously true, so how to say something new?

It's so addictive! I can't say my life has been stable in any way before coming here, but now all I do is search for programmes to go somewhere next year too! I can't imagine going back to the normal, everyday life. Erasmus gave me a huge kick to keep moving (and use every possibility to do something out of the box). And maybe one advice - do not choose obvious places, it really pays off to go somewhere no-one has gone."

Katarzyna - Erasmus in Osijek