Why would work with ESN?

  • We are a direct link to local and exchange students as well as bearers of change amoung our peers as well as youth in general
  • Good company image since ESN is based on the "Students helping students." moto as well as couses oriented to wemopowering youth
  • We are all over Europe - ESN branches out to around 500 local sections and around 40 countries meaning you have an acces to an unique customare base and visibility since we are a pan-European organisation
  • We have a unique service called the ESNcard.org that gives the possibility to benefit different partners, ona loval or national level.

What do we look for?

A partner that values international, multicultural and multilingual teams, such as ESN. Also, we are looking for someone to support our work and thus mobility, education exchange, structured dialogue and epoweeing youth.

Erasmus Student Network Croatia is an independet non-political and nonprofit association wich operates under the statute and stranding orders of ESN AISBL. The support we are given is related to our projects and services we give our network as well as the international students.

Want to become our partner? Contact us!