It's a bird! It's a croissant! No, it's Croatia!

Not only does the shape of the country feed your imagination, but if you get a chance to travel through Croatia, you'll find many sights that will leave you amazed.


Let's say you start your journey in the East of the country, the first thing you will notice are the golden fields and baroque architecture of the cities. In Osijek you will be welcomed with a smile and an open heart, and proposed to try Rakija or some spicy food - like Kulen.  Then you can go West, and make a stop in Zagreb, the capital, known as the biggest lounge, and don't miss out a chance to have a coffee with ESNers there. 

Take a walk through the parks of the Green Horseshoe before you set off to Kvarner and its heart: Rijeka, the city that flows. Be sure to take a souvenir with you - Morčić is always a good idea. 

On your way to the South, your first stop would be Zadar, where you can greet the sun and enjoy the music of the Sea Organ while the sun is setting. 

Take your time, because in Split they will teach you what Pomalo and Fjaka really mean, while you're enjoying a coffee on the Riva.

Your journey ends in the Pearl of the Adriatic – the world-famous Dubrovnik, where every street in the old town has its own story to tell.


From the golden fields of Slavonija to the hills of central Croatia, to the beautiful Kvarner Bay and Istria, to Velebit Mountain and the Plitvice Lakes, and more than a thousand islands along the coast, in every city mentioned above there are ESNers waiting to welcome you in this small, but diverse country.